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What should I do if I have an automobile accident?

Be sure to get the name of the person(s) driving the other vehicle(s) involved, as well as their phone number, driver's license, license plate, and insurance information. If there were any witnesses be sure to ask their name and number. Note the location, direction you were traveling, and time and date. If possible, take pictures.

Contact Pro Star Collision, or the repair facility of your choosing, and arrange a tow or appointment to get your vehicle to our shop. If you need alternative transportation, ask us to set up the rental for you, through Hertz or Enterprise.

Contact the Insurance Company responsible and let them know where the vehicle is and/or where it is going and ask for a claim number. If the Insurance Company wants to examine your vehicle at your house or in their claims center, you have the choice of doing this, or you can inform the Insurance Company that you are dropping the vehicle at the shop of your choice and they can see the vehicle there.
Call the shop and give them the claim number. From this point on, the shop will negotiate on your behalf to insure that your vehicle will be returned to pre-loss condition.

Should I get more than one estimate?

As the owner of the vehicle it is up to you to get as many estimates as you like, but this is not necessary. You are free to choose the shop you want and inform your insurance company of your decision.

Could repair begin on my car before I give permission?

No, only you as the vehicle owner can authorize any repairs on your vehicle.

What if my insurance company refuses to work with the repair facility I want?

By Texas law, an insurance company cannot refuse to work with the repair facility you choose.

Who is responsible for the guarantee of my vehicle repairs?

Pro Star Collision is responsible for all repairs we perform on your automobile. For more information on our Lifetime Warranty please click here.

Who is responsible for the payment due to the repair facility?

Ultimately, you as the vehicle owner are responsible. Your insurance policy states that your insurance will cover damages to your vehicle, less your deductible amount. You have the option of specifying whether your insurance company pays the repair facility directly or the vehicle owner, however, full payment is due prior to pickup of your vehicle.

Do I have to pay for a rental car while my car is in the shop?

Please check with your insurance company if you have rental car coverage on your policy. This is not automatically included in your policy, therefore, you should make sure you are covered. If you are a claimants, you should have rental car coverage through the other parties' insurance.

Should I take any special precautions with my new paint finish

The are no "special" precautions you must take with your new paint finish. There are however, some preventative maintenance instructions to protect your new paint finish. Please click here for the Paint Preventative Instructions.